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The Placemaking Network and its partners the Capital Regional District, CRD Traffic Safety Commission and the Victoria Foundation invite everyone in Greater Victoria to bring life to the streets this summer and fall.

The Living Streets program will be working with community groups throughout Greater Victoria to create temporary street closure events for people to walk, run, roll, play, bike, and dance.

These car-free street events are for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds and aim to create vibrant public spaces, promote active transportation and encourage good health through car-free streets.

Be a Part of Living Streets

There are a number of ways to be part of Living Streets in the upcoming months:

  • Host an Event: Planning on hosting a street closure event already this summer or interested in hosting one? We can provide guidance and help promote your event. Check out our Living Streets guidebook and resource section for more information.
  • Attend an Event: Check out the events calendar below for upcoming Living Streets events across the region.
  • Watch our Blog: As the summer and fall progresses, we hope to capture all of the great events that happen in our blog.  Watch that space to get a sense of all the fun, creative and vibrant ways that people made their streets come alive this year.

Upcoming Living Streets Events

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We are here to help! We will assist you in arranging logistics, publicity, programming and funding, as well as taking the necessary precautions to ensure the events are safe and well programmed.

Contact Emmy Marshall-Hill for more information about the 2016 Living Streets program.

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Living Streets is an initiative in partnership with:

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