TaniaProfileConnecting Dots is the personal blog of Tania Wegwitz.

Transportation planner and project facilitator by trade and passion; city dweller and community volunteer by lifestyle, my intent is to use this space to pass on what I’ve learned so far and what I’m still learning every day.

My Background: I’m proud to be a Senior Transportation Planner & Transit Lead with Watt Consulting Group.  Committed to creating places that are beautiful, healthy and connected, in my new role with Watt I’m looking forward to the opportunity to work with even more communities and across all types of mobility.

Previous to this, I was BC Transit‘s Manager of Planning, and in collaboration with my team led the long term and short term transit planning and service implementations for the 54 transit systems in British Columbia outside of Metro Vancouver.

I bring to the table two decades of experience working with diverse communities to improve their sustainable transportation networks.

The work I’ve personally led or been a part of has spanned planning, scheduling, transit governance and project management in larger centres (Bermuda, Victoria Region, areas within Metro Vancouver, Kelowna Region, Abbotsford/Mission, Nanaimo Region, Kamloops, Prince George) as well as over 60  smaller cities, indigenous communities and regional governments. I’ve also undertaken all kinds of volunteer activities with neighborhoods and non-profits.

You can read more about my background here.

Membership & Credentials: I am a Certified Member of the Canadian Institute of Planners, a Registered Professional Planner, and a member of the Institute of Transportation Engineers and the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals. Along with Watt Consulting Group, I’m also proud to be a member of the Canadian Urban Transit Association.

My Favorite Things: The kinds of projects I love to be a part of and where I can offer a lot of experience include:

  • Whole transit system restructurings – working with citizens, front-line staff and stakeholders to re-imagine how their existing systems could work better and creating an implementation path for new services and infrastructure.
  • Holistic approaches to transportation and land use planning – working with communities and organizations to create plans, policies and practices that consider the full spectrum of their transportation network and how it relates to future development.

    Co-facilitating a workshop for Vancouver Island University Master of Community Planning students.

    Co-facilitating a workshop for Vancouver Island University Master of Community Planning students. (Photo: M. Boyd)

  • Large scale strategic planning and participatory processes – From citizens and customers to front line staff and senior leadership, I’ve worked with others to create innovative, fun and meaningful ways for people of all backgrounds to help shape their communities and transit systems.  Through this, I’ve helped a full breadth of organizations to take stock, recalibrate and set a course for the future that truly delivers positive change by how it involves people and clearly articulates next steps.
  • Feasibility studies for areas new to transit, especially cases where I can help communities connect and think about their existing transportation resources in new ways.
  • Teaching and workshops – I love sharing what I know and fostering new insights in others.  Often in tandem with my planning colleague Matthew Boyd, we deliver learning opportunities for students, community leaders, staff and citizens on the fundamentals of transportation planning, transit scheduling and operations.

Contact: See the buttons at the top right corner of this page to see how to connect with me via Twitter and LinkedIn or email me at .  I look forward to hearing from you.

Caveat: Note that the opinions expressed on this website are mine alone and do not represent the views of any of my employers or the volunteer organizations I work with.


Much Thanks

I want to acknowledge and thank my friends, co-workers and colleagues for not only their support and ideas but also many, many laughs along the way.  In particular, thanks to my family, Senator Dave and our vertically-challenged consulting team for unfailing truth-telling and for making Dickensian squalor and life with barbarians never dull and one I’d never trade.

Finally, Connecting Dots just wouldn’t get written were it not for the fine beverages, great staff, free wifi and lovely space to sit alone and think thanks to coffee shops all over Western Canada.  In particular, my thanks to 2% Jazz Coffee and Caffe Fantastico.


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